Fort Rucker Remembrances Retired Chief Warrant Officer

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Retired Chief Warrant Officer Michael Novosel died Monday at Walter Reed Army Medical Center after a long illness. Many in the Fort Rucker community said he will be missed.

Army officials named a street after Michael Novosel who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for saving 29 soldiers during Vietnam War.

Novosel passed away over the weekend after several bouts with cancer.

CW4 and Novosel’s friend William "Willy" Ruf said, “Sad day in a way but good day because if anyone deserved not to suffer it was Novosel who suffered a lot the last 3 years.”

CW4 Ruf met Novosel 30 years ago. They've spent the last three decades together influencing thousands of young aviators and fellow workers. During Vietnam War, Novosel's son was shot down and Novosel rescued him.

The younger Novosel returned the favor seven days later when his father was shot down. They were the first father son team to fly in Vietnam.

One of their flight students was four-star general Richard Cody seen here in between Novosel and Ruf who is now vice chief of staff of the army.

Novosel was 83. His family and Fort Rucker officials are working on service arrangements. Novosel will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery alongside his wife.