Chemical Weapons

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Signaling more cooperation on safety, Army officials said they will activate an emergency notification system in case of an accident at the Anniston Army Depot's chemical weapons stockpile.

The agreement on the emergency system is part of Calhoun County's efforts to prepare the community in case of a chemical weapons accident. Activation of the system could mean people living closest to the depot would have as much as eight minutes in extra time to prepare.

County commissioners signed a memo outlining each agency's responsibilities for emergency response at the commission's meeting. Commission Chairman James "Pappy" Dunn said it's very important to have that communication, so that if ever that type of action is needed, "we'll all be singing from the same page of the book."

The Army also will inform the county Emergency Management Agency if their equipment is not functional and will perform system tests requested by the EMA.

The county will have responsibility for notifying areas farther away from the depot.