Day in the Life of a Police Officer

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It all starts in the control room. A call comes in, a communication officer answers the call and a police officer is dispatched. The calls cover a broad range of issues, but that is one of the things police officers love most, Officer Rachel David says, "I like doing different things everyday. We do help public. Some calls are good and some are bad, but at the end of the day that's what we're here for." One of the first calls we responded to was a complaint about beer bottles thrown into a yard from the Holiday apartment complex next door. Dispatchers were able to let us know a lot about the situation before we responded. Officer David says, "people can communicate with dispatcher. The more information they can give us prepares us before we get there." Officer David always has a partner with her on the job, his name is Nelson. He is part of the canine program at the Dothan Police Department and he he has important duties. Officer David says, "he's a good companion, he like to share french fries, but best part is that he can apprehend felons and search for drugs." Another call we responded to was an assault on Tacoma street. The call turned out just to be a dispute between brothers, but did lead to one brother going to jail because of prior warrants due to driving with a suspended license. Officer David says that Dothan is fairly safe in comparison to other cities. "Dothan is a safe city. We're proud we have good control and we respond as needed." The shift was filled with adrenaline rushes and some tense moments, and at the end of the day officers feel good knowing they have done their part to protect the residents of Dothan.