Opp Child Prepares for Scoliosis Surgery

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His name is Daughton Musgrove and he loves to run around and play like most other ten year olds, but after struggling with Scoliosis his entire life he now must undergo surgery to save his life.

His step-mom Kimberly Musgrove says, "my son is ten and has severe Scoliosis of the spine and doctors think its going to hurt his internal organs." Daughton will step up to the plate in May when he will endure two months of spinal traction, followed by two spinal surgeries to try and correct the curvature in his spine.

His family is anxious about the procedures. Daughton's dad Ronnie Musgrove says, "it's gonna be tough, but we got to do it." Daughton has a very supportive family and in grade school when some students started making fun - his siblings stepped in and put an end to the problem.

Kimberly says, "every now and then kids would joke but the boys would take care of that." Daughton will be wheelchair bound for two months and will spend most of his time in bed, but he has his own ideas about how he is going to stay occupied. I asked him what he plans to do when he gets there and he said, "play games."

Doctors expect Daughton will be able to return home 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, and if all goes well he should make a full recovery and be up and playing with his siblings in less than a year.

If you would like to help Daughton and his family with medical expenses, there will be a yard sale held on April 8th in Opp and a poker run held on April 22nd. For more information about these events and more you can contact the VFW at 493-3796.