The Army Is Thinking of New Ways to Recruit Soldiers

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The Army is looking to step up the number of soldiers without pulling experienced soldiers off the front line to recruit. They've implemented the "soldier referral bonus.”

“I think it will work well here since we have large military personnel in the area,” said Army Recruiter Captain Edward Rouse.

Any active, reserve or National Guard soldier can refer someone to a local recruiter. If the referral completes basic training, the soldier who referred them gets $1,000 and there's no limit on the number of referrals.

The program started in January. It’s not taken off Dothan area yet but it is doing well in other areas.

Captain Rouse said southeast Alabama has been meeting their monthly recruit missions, and their year to date numbers are a little over at 107 percent but they're not sitting back.

With the war in Iraq, recruiters are trying this new referral program and getting in the classrooms to make sure we have enough soldiers.