Authorities Need Help to Find House Robbery Suspect

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Houston County sheriff's investigators need local residents help in finding suspects who broke into a Headland couple's home taking more then $1,000 in property.

The robbery occurred two days ago, and investigators believe they have a new lead. One of the suspects fraudulently wrote a more than $1,000 check and cashed it at the couple's bank in front of a security camera.

Jimmy Santiago came home from work and found the door in his garage kicked in and the inside of his house was turned upside down.

"You feel very violated, you know almost like you've been raped, it's an awful feeling," said Laura Santiago.

Investigators said the suspects had probably been staking out the Santiago's home, before they broke in.

They got away with guns, jewelry, electronics, and a book of personal checks; one which was written out to one of the suspects and cashed at the couples bank for $1,200.

"Whenever you show identification you can get a check cashed and they probably showed some false information and the banking location cashed the check," said Sheriff Lamar Glover.

What the suspects probably didn't count on is that the Army Aviation Federal Credit Union cameras caught the entire transaction on its security cameras

Investigators caught up with the woman to whom the check was written. She’s been named as a suspect. They need your help to find the others who were in the car

If anyone has any information about those seen in the surveillance tape, call the Houston County sheriff’s department at 677-4808.