New Child Sex Offender Laws

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The Alabama state legislature is taking steps to keep our children safe from sex offenders. New laws will increasing the punishment for those people convicted of sex crimes against minors.

For years many child sex offenders have been able to get out of jail on parole. But thanks to new laws those days are over.

Alabama Attorney General Troy King said, "Law says that pedophiles go to jail and stay there. They serve everyday of their sentence."

These laws were created to keep children from having to testify in front of a parole board after already having testified in court. It seems there is little opposition to the new law.

Houston County District Attorney Doug Valeska said it’s a great value to children and justice.

Another innovation coming to Alabama is a sex offender tracking device that has been approved and will be in use as soon as the system is up and running.

"Tracking device gives us the ability and we will know in real time where they are at all times and alert police," said King.

This new technology and new laws are all part of an effort to protect children from sexual predators and is something Attorney General King has worked hard to get passed.

King said, "My proudest accomplishment is that Alabama has toughest sex offender laws in America."

Another new law increases the penalty of having child pornography from a misdemeanor to a felony. It's all part of Alabama’s new zero tolerance child pornography measure.