Old Dynamite Found In Wicksburg Area

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It was an intense morning in Wicksburg area as Dothan police officers and bomb squad members secured about 50 pounds of dynamite and disposed it safely.

A Wicksburg resident, Paul Grimer, found potentially dangerous dynamite on his property.

"We started checking the building and looking on the shelf and ran across a box and pulled out a stick of dynamite. I closed it and called the proper resources," said Grimer.

The phone call led to the Thursday morning arrival of authorities, including the Dothan bomb squad who say this is one of the worst cases of dynamite they have seen.

City of Dothan bomb squad member Carl Midkiff said, "This is a dangerous situation; it's been sitting here for about 50 years and there is a whole case, and it is sensitive to heat and shock as well as fire."

After removing the dynamite from the shed, the Dothan bomb squad and Wicksburg Fire Department transported the explosives to a field where they could dispose of them safely.

Police said dynamite is not a new problem to rural cities. "Years ago, dynamite was a staple for agricultural purposes, and they would put it into the barn," said Midkiff.

Officials watched as the dynamite slowly smoldered, until finally nothing but ashes was left.

Everyone took the matter very seriously to ensure the safety of all officials working and residents living close by.

Officials are advising anyone who finds any explosive device to call local authorities immediately.