Elba High School Wants Their Students Be Safe During and After Prom

This is the time of year for high school students across the Wiregrass to attend prom.

Elba High School's prom is this weekend and several officials joined to send a message to students about drinking and driving.

Teenagers got a firsthand look at what can happen when alcohol is part of the prom festivities.

Junior Brianna Bailey watched as her friends were hauled away in a Hearse during a mock drunk driving accident at Elba High School.

“It hit home for me, and if it really happened in real life I think I’d break down,” said Bailey.

For senior Richard Barlow the scene was so real it made him sign the prom promise not to get behind the wheel intoxicated like these students did.

“Those were my friends there, and it made me think differently of drinking and driving,” said Barlow.

More than 100 juniors and seniors watched as their friends and parents acted out the fatal accident.

“Please make sure this doesn't happen to you this weekend and I don't have to tell your parents you're not coming home,” said Marvin McLwain, Coffee Co. Coroner.

Elba has escaped these fatal scenes over the last few years and they're hoping this exercise will keep teens safe this prom weekend.

Every year they have a speaker to talk about the dangers of drinking and driving; this is the first time Elba High School has done the accident scenario.