Residents Are Taking Caution for Area Rabies Cases

Rabies Virus

Houston County has already had almost 10 cases of rabies this year alone. Officials are saying not to panic, just to take the necessary precautions.

Last year there were 22 cases of rabies reported at Houston County area. So far, there are eight cases of rabies in less than three months, all in the Hodgesville area.

Virginia Jonson lives on South Beverlye near Eddins Road where the most recent rabid raccoon turned up.

She's always pruning her yard so she keeps an eye out for anything suspicious, and she makes sure her animals have their rabies shots.

“It could become a serious problem but animal officials say not to panic; they think the animals with rabies may have been in the woods all along and just now coming into peoples yards. We think as people encroach on the habitat, more rabid animals will come out,” said Jonson.

Veterinarian Dr. Kirk Holland reminds everyone to vaccinate all pets annually and to call their local vet if they see any nocturnal animals out in daytime or in their yard.

Animal officials said the next rabies clinic isn't scheduled until May.