Corporate Attorney Asking Equal Treatment in the Wiregrass Area

An Enterprise attorney said his corporate client is just asking for equal treatment for an industry looking to set up operations in the Wiregrass.

Dale Marsh appeared before the board of Coffee County commissioners.

Marsh said Wayne Farm’s planned expansion at its plant in Coffee County should create 68 new jobs and have a "positive" multi-million dollar economic impact for the local economy.

The company is looking for the county to waive non-educational sales and user taxes. Marsh said that's standard operating procedure when luring a new industry to the area.

"To deny this abatement is essentially telling the industry that you are not as important as a new industry that comes in, and maybe you should look to another county to expand,” said Attorney Dale Marsh.

The commission postponed action on the tax waiver request until next month.

Local officials wanted to look at the impact a tax waiver for Wayne Farms might create.