Dale County Sheriff Trained With Israel Forces

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Since 9-11, law enforcement agencies are doing all they can to prepare for another terrorist attack.

Dale County Sheriff Bryant Mixon accompanied several other officials from around the nation to Israel.

Sheriff Mixon traveled thousands of miles across the world to the promise land for first class training on terrorism.

It was the most intensive training he's ever had.

“It was a great trip; I recommend it to everyone and I want to share it with other officers,” said Sheriff Mixon.

Mixon got to see a remote controlled robot that disarms suicide bombers, border control at the West Bank between Israel-Palestinians, and even got in some target practice with the border police.

Something he wasn't anticipating was the first hand terrorism.

“One hour before, a security tower bomb detonated and there were five Palestinians stabbed; it's an everyday thing.”

Of course, Mixon didn't leave before visiting sites like the Jordan River, The Holocaust Museum and the hospital where Prime Minister Areal Sharon is staying.

And on one of the days he was there, he felt Mother Nature’s wrath in a powerful sandstorm in Tel Aviv.

“It's the best trip; what I’ve learned, I couldn’t ask for any more.”

Mixon is bringing the knowledge back to make our nation stronger against terrorism.