Houston County Hopes to Reduce Child Abductions

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They're not hardened criminals, but yet they are getting their picture taken, fingers printed, and eventually a strand of hair pulled from their head for DNA evidence.

They're Ashford Academy four and five year olds.

All over Houston County sheriff deputies are getting a file on grade school kids, just in case they turn up missing.

"Children are exposed to abductions every time they walk out the house," said Operation ID's program implementation and Houston County Sheriff Lamar Glover.

"This is very important, because we have some information on file," said Glover.

Houston County authorities tell News 4, most of the abductions that have happened within the county were custodial disagreements.

In fact, there've only been two cases of missing children within the past eight years.

"We talk about it, tell them not to always trust, even if their offered a piece of candy or gum, don't take it ask your mom or dad before accepting it, because just because they look nice doesn't mean they are nice," said Ashford Academy Teacher, Lisa Garrett.

As the ink gets wiped clean from these students' fingers, the files won't.

Parents of the kids keep the files just in case something might happen.

This is the third year for the program and sheriff deputies have gone around the county to fingerprint young children.