George Washington Carver Bust Dedication

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You may not be aware, but Dothan is home to its very own George Washington Carver Museum, and today a bust cfreated in Carver's honor was re-dedicated to the museum after residing at the Dothan Civic Center for thirty years
It all started with a powerful statement, Former President of participants in the public interes president James Thompson says, "Carver had a motto, start where you are never be satisfied." it was this message that led five young men to create a group called P-P-I, or participants in the public's interest. This group sponsored the creation of a George Washington Carver bust, so other's could appreciate Carver's contributions to America. Executive Director of the Carver Museum Francina Williams says, "unless we understand our history, we don't understand ourselves and our history is a noble one." History is what led to the opening of the George Washington Carver museum and allowed this bust to be moved from the Dothan Civic Center to it's new home in the museum, all part of the concept of unity supported by P-P-I members, Thompson says, "to come back and see everyone is embracing the concept you started 30 years ago is, it makes me proud." Museum directors are trying to have the museum added as part of Alabama's Civil Rights Trail which would make it equal to the Birminham Civil Rights Museum and Montgomery's Rosa Parks Museum. The museum is in need of funding to complete the project. If you are interested in contributing or would like to learn more about George Washington Carver's history you can visit the museum on North Foster Street in Dothan.