Expanding the Business

U.S. Helicopters at Ozark received money Friday to expand their business.

Engineers working at U.S. Helicopters are rebuilding and refurbishing helicopters. The company just received funding for an industrial access road to expand their efforts.

“This is the first step to start phase one and two,” said Hartwell Wilson, GM of U.S. Helicopter.

It’s the first step in growth to expand the aviation industry to provide upwards of 500 jobs in the next five years.

The grant will also be used for water systems, drainage, and a fire water system to supply sufficient water pressure.

Lately, Ozark has had a hard time because of the announcement of the Van Heusen plant closing, so this comes at a good time.

It’s the perfect time because not only is this $200 million industry expanding, but also there is the runway expansion in Ozark and also the aviation college renovation.

Governor Riley wasn't able to attend the announcement ceremony on Friday because he left for Iraq to visit National Guard troops.

He did send a statement saying the project is part of an ongoing effort to create a strong partnership between the state and local industries.