Hurricane Survivor Goes to College

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When Hurricane Katrina made landfall in august of 2005, many Louisiana residents made their way north to take shelter from the storm. One resident and her family chose Dothan as a place to call home until conditions improved.

At first glance Troy Scott seems no different than the average woman, but after listening to her story you realize there is so much more to this strong and determined individual. Troy gathered her family and left her home behind after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina.

Scott says, "After making it to Panama City we tried to head home, we decided to lay over in Dothan then we saw the water was rising and we knew we couldn't come back." After taking years off, Troy started back to college in Louisiana, but when the hurricane hit she didn't let that stand in the way of pursuing her dreams.

Troy University Public Affairs Director Inga Oberst says, "She made her education a priority in spite of all the hardships she endured and we want to help her get her feet on the ground." Troy University offered Troy Scott instate tuition to help with her transition and hardships. Troy is excelling in school and thinks she may stay in Dothan to finish her degree.

Troy University says Troy Scott is an inspiration to the rest of the students and is proof just what perseverance can allow you to accomplish.