Fugitive Behind Bars After Seven Years.

53 year old Richard Hampshire was arrested south of the border by Mexican immigration authorities Wednesday evening.

Mexican Immigration authorities acting on information provided by U.S. Marshals arrested Hampshire near Chetumal, Mexico.

Hampshire had escaped from the Federal Prison Camp in Montgomery, AL in November, 1999. He was serving a 10 year sentence for conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

Hampshire was convicted of distribution of marijuana in the Southern District of Florida in 1997. He had a large underground bunker constructed to grow marijuana that included a large air conditioning system for climate control. When he was arrested Hampshire had over 1,183 marijuana plants growing in the bunker.

“We’ve had information that Hampshire was in Mexico for some time,” said U.S. Marshal Seroyer, “but we just couldn’t pin him down to a specific location. About a month ago we developed information regarding his location and our investigators passed this information on to the U.S. Marshals stationed in Mexico City.

The Marshals in Mexico City coordinated with Mexican Immigration authorities to take Hampshire into custody. He was using the alias of Travis Smith and making a living as a handy man in the local community there.

“He may have believed that by fleeing to Mexico he could avoid arrest by us,” Marshal Seroyer added. “We routinely conduct international investigations for fugitives. U.S. Marshals locate hundreds of fugitives in foreign countries every year. Fleeing to a foreign country may make it more difficult but we’ll still catch you. ”

Hampshire will be returned back to Montgomery where he faces federal charges for escape