Firemedic Training

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Agricultural farming is a very dangerous occupation and when something goes wrong time is of the essence.

Next week, all local fire fighters and farmers are invited to a seminar to learn what to do in the case of an accident.

Donni Driskell has been farming peanuts and corn for 34 years in the Wiregrass. With today's sophisticated machinery, he knows how dangerous farming can be.

Firemedics work car accidents daily and know exactly what to do. They're not as conditioned to deal with farming accidents.

At Tuesday’s program, firefighters will watch demonstrations on farming equipment and farmers and fire medics will learn what to do if something like this ever happens.

So with farming as our number one industry in the state of Alabama, firemedics can learn simple tools that can save lives.

All firemedics and farmers in the wiregrass are invited to attend the training on Tuesday, March 28 from one until five at the wiregrass extension office on highway 431.