The Circle City May Get A Face Lift In The Coming Years

Dothan city manager, Mike West has presented several ideas to the city commission and all of which are being considered.

A bigger Civic Center, a downtown parking garage or a new library. Those are the some of the items city commissioners were presented with an entire booklet full of potential plans.

The hard part is sifting through each idea and deciding which ones could become reality.

The community investment program was presented to the commission in Tuesday meeting. City manager Mike West hopes the commissioners will make decisions about some of these recommendations within the next few weeks. But the decisions won't be easy.

The community investment program also addresses basic needs such as water supply, fire and police department improvements and replacement of city vehicles and equipment.

Anything beyond the basic needs will be presented to the community for a decision.

"We'll tell the citizens how much a particular project costs, ask citizens if they want to pay for it and we'll tell them how they can--then it will be up to them" said City of Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas.

Each of the projects will cost in the millions of dollars but are said to have great potential to improve the quality of life for those living in the city.

Some of the things on the wish list include a $50 million dollar Civic Center that would seat 10,000 people, a $15 million dollar baseball stadium, and a $10 million dollar library.

Mayor Thomas says this initial report is the result of a general consensus from all city departments on what they would like to have.

It's only the first step in deciding what the city needs.