The Dale County And Area Coaches Are Working Together

The Dale County Drug Free Coalition is teaming up with area coaches and team leaders to discourage alcohol and drug use among incoming athletes and teens.

With spring break, prom, and graduation approaching; Dale County coaches want to reduce substance abuse among teenagers.

Charles Meade is a senior and offensive lineman for Carroll High School. He says he knows that as an athlete, people often look up to him and his teammates, and what they do could affect their peers.

“Lead by example. Maybe if we don't drink, other people won't drink” said Meade.

Now, the Dale County Drug Free Coalition is hoping to get that same message across to other area teens by team coaches.

The program is called, “team up”. The Dale County Drug Free Coalition and Brenda Stinson want everybody to understand; out of all the people that teens listen to their coaches and team leaders.

“The kids, you have got to let them make their own choices and if we put the information out there for them, hopefully, they'll realize and understand that there are dangers behind it” said Stinson.

Experts say that underage drinking is a big problem in Dale County.

Coalition members hope the program has an even greater outcome. They want coaches to encourage their athletes to sign a pledge of anti-drug and alcohol use.

This is the first part of a 3 step program. The second will be a community forum; the 3rd is an alternative after-party for students during prom and graduation.

The community forum on underage drinking and drug use will be held on April 4 at 7 pm in the Ozark Civic Center.