Judge Roy Moore Makes a Stop in Dothan

Chief Justicie Roy Moore

Former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court makes a stop in Dothan to rally support in his bid for governor.

Judge Roy Moore talked about what he plans to do if elected governor, and he spoke out against what he believes is hurting the state, including increasing property taxes and the reliance by politicians on contributions by political action committees and special interest groups.

Judge Moore says in order to get state politics back on track, politicians must be held accountable for their actions.

"If the bill hadn't passed through the legislature, how have they made up forms? See, you're not controlling your government. You don't know, and they pretend it doesn't even matter if you did know," said Judge Roy Moore.

Judge Moore also commented on recent rumors about him running Independent in the coming election. He says although he does not agree with some of the Republican Party’s actions, he has never rejected the principles of the party, and intends to run as a Republican.