Congregation Continues to Support Pastor

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Court papers came to light last Wednesday, accusing a Dothan preacher of mishandling church funds.

Monday, the minister of the Greater Beulah Baptist Church and his attorneys held a news conference to give their side of the story.

Supporters for Pastor Holman gathered to show naysayers, that there's nothing to the scandal that now surrounds the church.

"I want to think today that this church is in better shape than its ever been, financially, structurally, spiritually," said Board of Trustees Chairman, Joseph Kyles.

Others say Reverend Holman's leadership helped build a large church and an even larger bank account.

"When Hollman became Pastor, we had $29,000 in our banking account; we now have over half a million," said James Redding.

However not everyone agrees with the way the church is run. For example, former member Dr. Myland Brown

"If you think everybody here is satisfied with this church then you got another thing coming. I know for a fact everybody is not satisfied with the situation," said Brown.

Former Trustee Billy D. Brown, who resigned from his position and is still concerned about a $3.75 million mortgage on the church that's still unexplained.

"They won't talk, the officials will not talk to the congregation," said Billy D. Brown.

It is some of those very members who are hoping to get an answer and soon.

The plaintiff’s attorney Deborah Seagle, told News 4 they've filed a new motion for a receiver to take control of the books and records. They hope Judge Ed Jackson approves the motion as soon as possible.