Local Family Gets Helping Hand

The Alfred Saliba Family Services Center wants to lend a helping hand to underprivileged families here in Dothan. It decided to outfit over 70 women and children with brand new clothes to help their families get back on their feet financially.

With rising gas prices and the increased cost of living around the country, the economic situation for many families has become more and more difficult.

That is why a local charity here in Dothan is stepping in to help restore broken spirits and provide needy families with something they could otherwise not afford.

Karonda Knight is single and she has eight children, making it very hard for her to support herself and her young ones.

However, now she has a reason to smile.

She and her children all have new clothes thanks to a partnership between national retailers, Steinmart, and the Dignity U Wear foundation which donated the new clothes to the Alfred Saliba Family Services Center, here in Dothan.

"This is a team effort that Steinmart is doing nationwide. We pick a charity, a local charity to be a recipient of the clothing, and this just seemed like a good fit for Stein Mart and the Alfred Saliba Family Services Center," said Sharon Saliba

Karonda says it has been hard providing for her children, but that their brand new wardrobes will allow her to save more money for other things her children will need.

Knight said, "It'll give me extra money. I'll be able to spend money on something else they might want."

Karonda and her family aren't the only ones who will be receiving new clothes. More than 65 other needy women and children from the Dothan area will also be outfitted with new clothes.

"It's a way to give back to people who are down on their luck, possibly homeless or have had some crisis in their life, a way to give them dignity by not just giving them donated clothing, but brand new clothing," said Norman Randall at Stein Mart.

Over the next few days other families from around the Dothan area will go to the Alfred Saliba Family Services Center to pick up their new clothes, and organizers at the center say they plan to hold two more charity events like this one, this year.

Dignity U wear is currently the only non-profit agency to distribute brand new clothing, at no cost to the recipients.