A Statewide Organization Made a Stop in the Wiregrass

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A statewide organization made a stop in the Wiregrass to rally up support for legislation against same sex marriages.

The executive director of the Alabama Coalition Against Same Sex Marriage, Jody Trautwein, came to Dothan to educate church leaders on how to educate, motivate, and mobilize their congregations to vote.

Pastors from around the Dothan area gathered together, at the Ridgescrest Baptist Church to learn about the importance of voting.

Trautwein says he and his organization believe the marriage amendment is of up most importance, and that everyone needs to come out and vote on this issue.

"We want to make sure that they know on June 6 exactly where they're supposed to go and vote and to understand how important it is to vote on this issue of morality,” said Trautwein.

Amendment One, also known as the Marriage Amendment Act, will be on the June 6 ballot.