A Graceville Missing Teen

A Graceville teenager was last seen on March 4th still missing.

Latosha Ann Bell, 15, may have met up with an older man; who could be an internet predator.

Latosha’s mother Stacey Crutchfield said, "She likes talking to guys on the internet. My main concern is that she may have met one of them. And that is what she was going to do was to meet him. Don’t know the boy or what he is all about…I think she may have done this for attention, but I think it may have gone bad with her. Maybe she can't come home"

Latosha’s Mother said she used a public computer at the Graceville Library to get into the chat room.

Library can block websites; however they can not block chat rooms

Monday, an abandoned car linked to the missing teen was found 300 miles outside Jacksonville.

Family members from Graceville and the Hartford area are working on getting the teenage girl's picture out to the public

Latosha is about five-foot-five, and 140-pounds.

If you may have any information on her whereabouts, you should contact Graceville police at 850-263-3944