Farm Center Is About To Undergo Some Serious Changes

The Houston County Farm Center is about to undergo some serious changes.

It has been the site of many events in Dothan, but now the building will be used for storage.

The Houston County Farm Center is not air conditioned or heated and the county commission says it's time to put it to a different use.

Houston County Commission chairman Mark Culver says, "The change for the arena building is not air conditioned so we're going to use it to store national security equipment."

The commission has been looking for a storage building and they say the farm center is appropriate because it will keep them from constructing a brand new facility; however others see the center as a historical building that residents should fight to keep open.

Betty Boykin Anglin, gospel singer, says, "This is a good place that's worth saving. It’s important that city leaders do what it takes to bring other acts to the area" The building isn't shut down yet, in fact this Friday a gospel concert will be held at the farm center, a concert that may be the last to be held in the building.

“An awesome gospel night out people from Miami, Tallahassee, and Dothan to praise the lord" said Anglin.

The center will be operational until April when it will be converted to a storage building and possible wash-a-teria for hurricane evacuees.

All Hurricane Katrina evacuees are invited to attend the gospel concert this Friday night, free of charge, but are asked to bring verification. Doors open at 6.