Emotional Roller Coaster at the Sale Murder Trial

Michael Sale, who has been found guilty of intentionally killing his wife, was given the death penalty.

The trial has been an emotional roller coaster, especially for the family of Lynn Sale.

Hearing the 911 call taped was a painful reminder of the suffering and abuse Lynn Sale endured for so long, but today her mother and Lynn two sisters are say they are crying tears of relief. The man who had haunted their family for almost three decades will finally be put to death.

"Although Michael's death will bring us no solace, what it does bring us is the feeling of safety. I will never have to worry about the boys. We will never have to look over our shoulders ever again because we have looked over our shoulders for the past 28 years," said Price.

Lynn leaves behind two young sons. After three hours of deliberation, the death sentence was unanimous. Each of the 12 jurors found Sale guilty of all aggravated circumstances given by the prosecution.

"Anyone who was in that courtroom, anyone for as long as they live will remember hearing that 911 tape with Lynn moaning and groaning and suffering for the hell she had been through for more than 32 days. The torture, the torment, being terrorized and as Ryan told the jury, he told his mother, 'If you don't leave him, he will kill you.' And that's what he did" said Doug Valeska, Houston County prosecutor.

Sale's defense holds that he did not intentionally kill his wife. He is planning to appeal the verdict and wish to have the court of criminal appeals review the case.