A Dothan Minister Is Being Sued by Members

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Greater Beulah Baptist Church is one of the more prominent churches in the area. Some would say it is a staple in the community which has as its mission to reach out to the community.

However, some of the church's members say that mission is blindly being mishandled.

Every Sunday worshipers gather at Greater Beulah to hear Reverent Paul Hollman.

B.C. George and Starla Whitfield, members of Greater Beulah Baptist Church, are claiming Hollman and his secretary Dorothy Brown have mishandled church property and funds.

"The members simply want to know, they want control of their church. They want to know what money is coming in, what money is being spent, why there've been so many real-estate transactions, involved with the church" said attorney Deborah Seagle.

The lawsuit which lists 24 complaints has been filed in the Houston County court.

Among the complaints, church property as trust property is being abused and perverted from the uses for which it was devoted and dedicated

The Pastor refuses to give an explanation of the incorporation of Beulah Land, Inc, a church subsidiary which advances the goals of the church.

There are also allegations that Hollman is keeping members in the dark as to who he appoints over certain positions and when the lawsuit also claims Brown forged trustee signatures on church checks.

None of the parties named in the suit was able to comment. But News 4 caught with commissror Curtis Harvey, a Poster and minister at the church.

"I think there are allegations from two people. I don't think they are allegations from the church because two people can't represent the church as a whole and I don't think the church feels that way because these are brand new to me" said Harvey.

The question is what will documents inside the church expose? The lawsuit may be found at the Houston County courthouse.

News 4 spoke with one of the plaintiffs in the case and we were told that this lawsuit is nothing personal. They just want to get the church back to what they claim.

Hollman and Brown’s attorney, Tom Brantley, is studying the case and didn't want to comment on the suit at this time. However a news conference will be held Monday at 11 a.m. in the Greater Beulah Baptist Church Chapel