Financial and Internet Industries to Battle Child Pornography

The National and International Centers for Missing and Exploited Children are teaming up with top financial and Internet companies this week to launch a bold new coalition to fight child pornography.

The new financial coalition against child pornography will use its combined power to increase information sharing and to fight the illegal use of financial systems to buy child pornography.

At a hearing Wednesday to launch the coalition, Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby said the financial institutions play a very important role in cracking down on Internet child pornography.

“The goal of the financial coalition against child pornography is to eradicate it, to stop it in its tracks, to make sure the financial intuitions do not aid in a bet, directly or indirectly, the promotion of child pornography, to realize that this is the dirtiest of the dirty business,” said Alabama Rep. Sen. Richard Shelby.

Child pornography is one of the fastest growing online businesses.