New Information May Clear Death Row Inmate

Christopher Floyd convicted of a murder that took place 14 years ago.

A few months after his sentencing, Floyd's lawyers say new information may be able to clear him of the crime.

Floyd’s attorney's say the testimony of 68 year old Dorothy Dyson may help clear their client of a capital murder conviction that put him on death row.

"In my heart, I do not believe Chris shot that man. And I go to my grave, not believing he done it,” said Dyson.

Floyd was convicted of killing Archie Crawford during a robbery at Waller's Grocery Store in February of 1992.

Dyson says she remembers talking to another man that same night, just one mile away from the scene of the crime, who was wearing a bloody shirt.

That man was Paul Wayne Johnson who was considered at one point to be a primary suspect in the case, and Floyd’s attorneys say that the new information merits a retrial.

“That is evidence that if a jury had heard that evidence and believed it, it would have made a difference in the outcome of the trial,” said Floyd’s attorney Tom Brantley.

Dyson is a distant relative of Floyd, and the judge overseeing the case, Judge Larry Anderson says that coupled with all the media coverage surrounding the case, makes her testimony quote "fortuitous" considering the fact that now is when she is coming forward with information relating to the night in question.

Floyd's attorney's say that Dyson never knew Johnson to be a suspect, and that due to poor health she was unable to remember her experience the night of the murder, until now.

Whether Floyd will be granted a retrial has yet to be determined.

Alabama law requires that a motion for retrial be ruled on by a judge, on or before the 60 days following a persons sentencing.

Monday was that day for Floyd, and a ruling was not handed down. That means, the motion will now be automatically denied, by operation of law, Tuesday.

Floyd's attorneys say they will now use the appeals process to try and get their client a new trial.