ATV Accident

A Florala teenager lost control of the four-wheeler when he was ridding with two other people and was thrown from it.

Galen Hunter Cox was killed in the accident Saturday afternoon in all terrain vehicle accident

The driver of the vehicle and the other passenger escaped without injuries. However Alabama Department of Public Safety is issuing a warning to all riders.

“Since January, 139 people in the state have been killed in ATV accidents. And a large part of those numbers were caused by riding on public roads, such as neighborhood streets or other commonly used roadways” said Tracy Nelson, Alabama Department of Public Safety.

Teens were riding their four-wheeler on a county road in Geneva.

It is illegal riding four-wheeler on a county road in Alabama.

"You can not have any sort of off-road vehicle on any form of taxpayer paid roadway. You are only able to use them on private property. And use on public roadways is one of our biggest problems" said Nelson.

Other problems come when ATVs are used as toys rather than for recreation needs.

If drivers allow more than one person on a vehicle, the ride immediately becomes dangerous.

"Four wheelers, by nature, are what I would consider as easy to turn over…simply because they're small and compact. Now they are fairly stable with different maneuvers. But they're like anything else with narrow wheel,” said Nelson.

Using helmets are not required and no safety belts on ATVs.

Officials warn parents to be aware of how their kids ride ATVs and make sure they are only ridden on private property.

Anyone caught riding ATVs on public roads can be cited for wreckless driving charge and fine for between $150 and $200. It is depending on the county driving in.