Girls Gone Wild

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The mayor of Panama City Beach has a warning for any girls on spring break who decide to bear it all or anyone who tries to capture them on video: You'll go to jail.

Panama City Beach is the nation's leading spring break destination and therefore an irresistible target for the creators of the "Girls Gone Wild" video series to make another titillating video.

The video series has made millions by filming college-age women revealing their breasts at parties, spring break sites and Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Now the "Girls Gone Wild" creators are planning a live pay-per-view broadcast from an undisclosed spring break destination somewhere in the country next Thursday. A production crew and tour bus arrived recently to Panama City Beach.

But Mayor Lee Sullivan said police are on alert and girls and "Girls Gone Wild" crew alike will end up in jail if they start going wild.

Police Major David Humphreys said arrests could be made for public nudity, lewd and lascivious acts and disorderly conduct. Anyone who solicits someone to violate the law also is subject to arrest.