Slocomb Police Alert Residents

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Authorities say since last Christmas they've investigated more than 12 vehicle burglaries.

Over the last two months, Carol and Jimmy Eubanks have been burglarized on three separate occasions.

They have had money and other items taken from their vehicles and at their Slocomb home.

Carol Eubanks says it's an awful feeling of being violated. "You can't relax in your own home. It's hard to come home and an uneasy feeling about being broken into"

Slocomb Police charged Grady White with five counts of unlawful breaking and entering into vehicles, and two counts of receiving stolen property. White reportedly stole a patrol bike from a Dothan police officer's Slocomb residence. He was trying to support a crack cocaine addiction

Slocomb Police department Chief David Land said they would like to get a neighborhood watch program in Slocomb area.