The New Education Bill Passed In The State Legislature

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State Lawmakers are getting ready to send six billon dollar education bill to governor Bob Riley.

It will have a profound effect on both teachers and students in Alabama. It means is that teachers will soon get a pay raise and students will get a longer school year.

The state legislature approved a bill that teachers working for Alabama's public school system would increase paid by five percent.

The bills other major provision calls for a five day extension to the academic school year. It will help students better prepare for different kinds of test.

"It's the feeling of the state department, that we need those extra five days because of excessive testing that's going on, in all of our schools across the state." said Tim Pitchford, Houston County. School's Superintendent.

In the Houston County, some teachers are very happy about the pay raise and say they have deserved raise long time.

"Most teachers I know spend all summer getting ready for the school year, they spend a lot of their own money in the classroom, and it would bring us up to date with the other states," said Dana Bell, Hounty County elementary teacher.

Teachers are also agree with the five day extension would give them more time to help students pass state mandated tests that comply with the no child left behind act.

The new education bill passed in the state legislature on 82-19 vote.