Hanners Back in Jail

An accused killer who was free on bond is back in jail. Thirty-two-year-old Scotty Hanners was arrested on a DUI charge Sunday.

A motorist told police, Hanners ran her off the road on Highway 84 West of Dothan and later pointed a gun at her as they drove into town.

Police pulled Hanners over on Third Avenue. A sobriety test indicated his blood alcohol level was .15 almost twice the legal limit.

Hanners was free on $150,000 bond in a September 2000 murder case. Witnesses identified him as the gunman in the shooting death of 23-year-old Ross Sawyer.

Hanners is supposed to stand trial later this year. District Attorney Doug Valeska says he'll try to revoke Hanners' bond and keep him in jail until then.