Dale County Drug Bust Update

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Wednesday, a Fort Myers, Florida man made his first court appearance in a Dale County courtroom.

Thirty-four-year-old Noah Kibbe was stopped on Highway 231 in Midland City Tuesday afternoon.

Highway Patrol made the stop and say they found 160 pounds of marijuana.

Officials say Kibbe will not be leaving the area soon, with his bond being set at $1 million dollars.

Kibbe is involved in a major drug arrest made Tuesday afternoon on Highway 231.

"The Department of Public Safety received information from an anonymous caller that he would be traveling south toward Dothan and be carrying a large quantity of dope," said retired D.A. David Emery.

"At 5:12 PM, a vehicle stop was made in Dale County for a traffic violation. The state trooper received the consent to search and during the search within a compartment in the trailer, 160 pounds of marijuana was found," said State Trooper Ricky Peak.

State troopers made the stop in Midland City.

Investigators say all 160 pounds of marijuana was found in brick form packaging in Kibbe’s trailer.

Authorities say Kibbe said he was traveling back to Fort Myers from Mississippi.

"For us it was a major arrest. We're sure there's still more out there and we will do everything we can to try to stop the problem," said Peak.

Several other law enforcement agencies assisted the state troopers with the bust.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is now handling the case, which is still under investigation.

While Kibbe told authorities he was traveling from Mississippi, officials say he had been in Arizona on August 5th.

Authorities say Kibbe has no previous criminal history.

Kibbe is currently in the Dale County jail. He is charged with trafficking marijuana.

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