Dothan-Houston County Community Education Committee

One month ago, Houston County voters voted down a tax increase for schools by a 4-1 margin. But a group of concerned citizens is trying to help solve Houston County's education funding problems, and they're asking others to join them.

The group calls itself the Dothan-Houston County Community Education Committee. Members have already set some goals. They want to cut expenses, find new sources of revenue, improve efficiency and effectiveness and improve academics.

The group plans to accomplish these goals by appointing several sub-committees to study topics such as funding, consolidation, expense reduction, legislative oversight and quality of education. Members of the group have already been in touch with the governor's office and local lawmakers.

State Board of Education member Betty Peters got the group started. She said they eventually hope to have about 40 members, half from Dothan and half from other parts of Houston County. And she said they're still looking for volunteers.

To sign up to help the committee or for more information on what they're trying to accomplish, you can call them at 794-4331. The group also has a Web site

The first meeting of the Dothan-Houston County Community Education Committee is set for next Monday at 5:30 p.m. It will be held in Room C of the Dothan Civic Center and the public is invited.