Crime Stoppers Reward In Armed Robbery

Breeze-In Mart

A Crime Stoppers reward is being offered for any tips leading to the arrest of two robbery suspects considered armed and dangerous.

The Breeze-In-Mart in Cowarts was robbed Saturday night.

Officials say the robbers walked in with handguns and demanded money.

Peggy Brunson cashier at the store says, “I was scared -- all I could do was put my hands on the side of my face and say, 'oh my God, and I kept telling him please don't kill us, don't kill us.”

Peggy Brunson had only worked at the Breeze-In Mart convenience store for about a week.

She along with two other co-workers was working the late shift when two “gun toting” robbers came in demanding cash.

After Peggy handed over the money, everyone was told to get down and count to 10.

A boyfriend of one of the workers attempted to tackle one of the robbers.

That same suspect cocked his gun and attempted to shoot, but it jammed instead

The suspects then ran on foot to a nearby church.

However, investigators believe one of the customers in the store at the time may have been staking the store out beforehand.

Monday morning, business was back to normal, but the stores owner Jimmy Miller says security will be tightened.

Miller says “We have video cameras on duty all the time. We have security systems in place to help ensure the safety of our customers and our employees also. And we're looking at security to come in and look and what we need to do to improve that.”

Still Brunson and one other co-worker have called it quits.

A Crime Stoppers reward of up to $1,000 is being offered in this case. Call 793-7000 with any information that will help catch the robbers.