Florida Class Size

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Under Florida's constitutional amendment, no more than 18 students will be allowed in a class for kindergarten through third grade. The legislative session begins Tuesday.

At Ojus Elementary School in North Miami Beach, each class has at least 26 students. Patrenia Dozier-Washington is a first grade teacher, who uses a portable microphone to talk to her 27 students. She also brings a wheeled plastic crate to haul home the hundreds of pages of written assignments that need to be graded.

Dozier-Washington said teachers are worried that kids are slipping through the cracks because class sizes are too big.

"We are the caretakers of their characters until they are able to do it on their own. If something hinders us, what will happen," she said.

Meanwhile, school districts are coming up with strategies to reduce their average class sizes by two students next year. Some ideas include: offering an evening class schedule for high school students, having students take advance placement courses on college campuses instead of high schools, offering more online courses and expanding enrollment at charter schools.