Tate Faces Hearing

Lionel Tate
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A hearing is scheduled today in Broward County to determine if Lionel Tate will go back to prison for violation of probation.

Tate is on probation for the 1999 murder of 6-year-old Tiffany Eunick.

A judge will decide if he violated that probation by allegedly robbing a pizza delivery man at gunpoint for pizzas worth just over 33 dollars.

Prosecutors and Tate's defense attorney say the 19 year old doesn't have to be convicted of the crime for the judge to decide he must go to prison.

If a probation violation is found, more time may be needed to determine a sentence that could range from no additional prison time to life behind bars.

Tate was 12 when he was charged with killing Eunick, a family friend. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, becoming at the time the youngest person to get a life sentence in modern US history.

Tate says he was practicing wrestling moves he saw on T-V and didn't mean to hurt the girl.

The conviction and life sentence were later overturned, resulting in Tate's guilty plea to second-degree murder and a sentence of probation.