Family Sues Cop in Federal Court

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The civil case of a man killed by a Dothan police officer went to federal court today.

In January of 2000, now Army Lieutenant David Driskell responded to a call for a stolen car. According to reports, John Pittman had taken his girlfriend's car, and she wanted it back.

Driskall saw the car in question and a chase ensued, eventually landing both Pittman and the car into a chain linked fence.

Driskall's attorney, William Nichols, said Pittman attempted to run over Driskall with the stolen car. Attorneys for Pittman’s family say a witness says Pittman’s car didn't move.

Now it's up to jurors to decide whether the six shots fired into the car, five killing Pittman, were excessive and unreasonable or routine procedure.

The decision on the case is expected later this week.