Train Tangles With Car

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Ozark police chief Tony Spivey says the cross bars at this railroad track on broad street were being lowered, when a 1997 Toyota Camry, tried to get around them to beat the oncoming train.

The car was driven by 56-year-old Joanne Johnson.

She didn't make it, and the train clipped the tail end of her car, sending it spinning out of control.

The passenger in the car, an 8-year-old grandchild of Johnson’s was thrown out the passenger side door.

Both people in the car were wearing seat belts, but chief Spivey says the impact was so great it caused the little girl's seat belt to snap.

Officials say only seconds earlier, Johnson’s car could have been hit on the driver's side killing both Johnson and her granddaughter.

They were both rushed to the dale medical center with only minor injuries.