Reading Initiative

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Special guests are visiting local elementary schools throughout the week, in honor of Dothan-Houston County Reading Week. Landmark Elementary School students heard their favorite Dr. Suess books read out loud to them Monday, by Northview High School football players.

The guys were three of several players who are visiting Dothan city schools and Cottonwood's fourth grade class.

Other special guests participating in reading week events include famous authors, elected officials and employees from various businesses throughout the Wiregrass.

Northview High School football player, Shaderic Williams says, "I thought it would do some good for the little kids to have someone big come and read to them. They like stuff like that. It's good for them to have somebody who does stuff like that for them."

Other reading events this week include a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast for the kids, a birthday celebration for Dr. Suess and a public adult spelling bee.