Katrina Cruise Ships

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About two dozen hurricane evacuees are fighting to stay on a cruise ship south of New Orleans.

They're in court today, suing to try to make the federal government keep the ship docked and pay for the housing.

The lawsuit says the Federal Emergency Management Agency hasn't
given alternative housing and has shown no evidence it will do so by Wednesday's deadline to release rented cruise ships.

The suit says FEMA showed incompetence "before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina struck."

An agency spokeswoman wouldn't comment on the suit, but says
FEMA has "been working around the clock" to provide long-term housing to people on the ship.

About 300 residents of St. Bernard Parish have been living on the Scotia Prince ship. Plaintiffs include a disabled woman, a fisherman whose FEMA trailer isn't hooked up yet and a high school senior.