Slocomb Black History Program

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The Countyline Missionary Baptist Church in Slocomb is celebrating Black History Month by holding a heritage program.

Associate Pastor Steven Smith says, "Blacks in history have done a lot and we want our children to understand their heritage."

February is dedicated as National Black History Month to honor and celebrate all African Americans who have made a difference and it's in church's like Countyline where people come together to show their unity.

Pastor James Dawsey says, "It's always unity in numbers and we can come together and give thanks and our children can take something with them as well."

The day's events included singing, dancing and prayer. Children were a welcome part of the activities and event organizers and parents hope each child walked away with a better understanding of where they come from.

Event Organizer Agnes Windsor says, "I hope they take with them the message and they'll have a better understanding of all the contributions that blacks have made within the shaping of America."

The program offered the community a time of fellowship and gave them the chance to show their appreciation for those African Americans who have helped pave the way for a more just and equal nation.

African Americans are responsible for some of the inventions that affect us each and everyday including the ironing board, hairbrush, lawn mower, guitar and many more.

Black History Month is held each year to pay tribute to the struggles and successes of African Americans in the United States.