Application Snafu

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The application process is only in its fourth day, but already 200 people may wonder why they never got a chance to apply for employment with Hyundai Motor Company.

That's because about four percent of the people who sought applications aren't following directions.

Among the most common mistakes: a state employment official said when writing for an application -- you must enclose a self-addressed stamped, business-sized envelope -- that allows the state employment service to mail the necessary forms back to you.

Also, a job seeker must indicate whether they want an application for production or maintenance -- it must be one or the other. Resumes and transcripts will not be accepted.

Finally, the letter requesting an application must be postmarked no later than March 23.

Officials with the Alabama State Employment Service said they will make no exceptions.

People who fail to follow proper procedures will not be notified.

Employment officials said Wednesday they've received about 5,400 applications so far.

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Send application requests to:
Production, P.O. Box 20530,
Montgomery, AL 36120-0530
Maintenance, P.O. Box 20500,
Montgomery, AL 36120-0500