Ashford Relocation Drill

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Students piled out of classrooms at Ashford Elementary during a mock tornado drill.

School system administration requires the school hold at least four drills a semester to keep children safe during times of severe weather.

Director of Houston County EMA says, "Severe weather happens here each year and now they are prepared to protect themselves should something happen."

This drill is nothing new to the system; however Wednesday marked the first time the school has held a relocation drill.

Ashford Middle School Principal Shelby Womack says, "What prompted us is the train that derailed and we feel it would be a good thing to practice."

This new system will be used if hazardous material is found near the school or if a train, carrying hazardous material derails.

"The unique thing is that the main railroad goes between middle and high school and based on the incident from last week they decided they needed to do a drill," Sellers says.

While this was only the first of its kind performed at the middle school, officials say the drill went quite smoothly.

Womack says, "I think they did an excellent job, they were quiet and they just did a wonderful job."

Officials were so pleased with the school's performance that they only had to practice the relocation once and they say if there is ever a real incident they feel confident the students will be quickly transported to safety.

Ashford elementary and middle schools still has three drills left this semester, including ones for a fire and tornado.