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Lawyers for HealthSouth shareholders say attorneys for fired HealthSouth C-E-O Richard Scrushy are contradicting themselves about his ability to repay $47-point-8 (m) million in bonuses.

Scrushy was given those bonuses during an accounting fraud.

Shareholder attorneys told the Alabama Supreme Court in a filing yesterday that Scrushy's attorneys said he'd face quote -- financial ruin -- if he repaid bonuses earned during a $2-point-7 (b) billion accounting fraud at HealthSouth. When it was later discovered Scrushy sold three pieces of property to his son-in-law, a Scrushy attorney said there was plenty of property to pay the order, which has been put on hold by the state Supreme Court.

Scrushy lawyer Neal Pope said Scrushy will have the money.

He said Scrushy is seeking $32 (m) million from HealthSouth to reimburse him for the legal bills from the criminal trial where he was acquitted.