Unborn Children

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The Alabama District Attorneys Association and state Senator Lowell Barron of Fyffe say they will support a bill covering crimes against unborn children from conception.

The district attorneys' group and Barron had been supporting a bill that began after the 19th week of pregnancy. Attorney General Troy King, the Christian Coalition of Alabama and other groups had been pushing a bill that began at conception. Barron says the two sides came together yesterday after the attorney general assured him the conception bill would be constitutional.

Alabama is one of 18 states where prosecutors can bring only one murder charge -- rather than two -- when a pregnant woman is killed.

Twenty states have laws that begin at conception and 12 have laws that begin later in a pregnancy.

Roger Parker of Guntersville says he's delighted the two sides came together. Parker's daughter -- Brandy Parker -- was shot to death last year while eight months pregnant.

Parker says the legislation can't be used retroactively in his daughter's case, but he's hopeful that her case will result in Alabama changing the law.