Brewery to Open in Dothan

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Construction has already begun on the new brewery that will be the hub of a sports bar featuring seasonally flavored beer, and though the commission approved for the pub to start brewing, Tuesday morning workers were moving equipment into the Penny Building where the Dothan brewing company is slated to open.

Owner Richard Lewellyn says, "We've had to keep things fairly quiet. We couldn't do a lot until we hit this licensing point. As you can see here, we're a disaster."

The brewing company will also sell draft beer, and even though Lewellyn wouldn't confirm it, the pub may also prepare German food, a different taste for Dothan. From the Florida border line up to Montgomery there is no other brew pub, which could mean big business for Dothan, and even bigger business for downtown.

"It's another brick in the wall. A brew pub will add to the draw downtown, it's very important that we have nice establishments to go to" says Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas.

The brewery can make up to 1,400 gallons, and at $4 a pint the money will keep coming. But if it doesn't, Lewellyn says he has other plans in mind.

"You're never confident it's going to be a success, but we'll be very happy because at least we'll have plenty of beer if it's not a success," Lewellyn says.

Within the next few days, the brew pub will start making the beer.

Many may ask how the brewing company is able to sell draft beer if the Bill Houston County is proposing hasn't been pushed through legislation. There is an old state law that says historic districts may sell draft beer without county approval.

The Dothan brewing company will be open seven days a week and can accommodate up to 250 customers.